Six Leg Kinematic Moving Machine

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

six leg kinematic moving machine
Four bar linkage are the closed loop kinematic linkage , they perform a wide variety of motions with a few simple parts. This project discusses the design & fabrication of one such mechanism (four bar mechanism). In this project Six Leg Kinematic movement works on Grashof's principle which states that the sum of the length of the shortest and longest links must be less than or equal to the some of the other two links.
However this condition is necessary but nor sufficient. Mechanism satisfying this condition will fall into crank-rocker mechanism, double crank mechanism and double rocker mechanism. A frame, connecting rod, crank & a lever constitute to obtain the required motion. In this project we tried to show mainly the application of simple four bar mechanism.

Photos & Drawings




It would be difficult to compete with the efficiency of a wheel on smooth hard surfaces but as condition increases rolling friction, this linkage becomes more viable and wheels of similar size cannot handle obstacles that this linkage is capable of. Toys could be developed that would fit in the palm of your hand and just large enough to carry a battery and a small motor. Six leg mechanical spiders can be applicable for the making of robots. It has a wide range of application in the manufacturing of robots. A large version could use existing surveillance technology to convert your television into a real-time look at the world within transmitting range. It would also relay commands from the remote to the spider bike; additional frequencies could be used to operate manipulators for retrieving the mail during unfavorable weather or taking the dog out. In toy industries for making robotic toys it has got many applications. It can also be used for military purpose. By placing bomb detectors in the machines we can easily detect the bomb without harmful to humans. It can be used as heavy tanker machines for carrying bombs as well as carrying other military goods. It is also applicable in the goods industries for the small transportation of goods inside the industry. The mountain roads or other difficulties where ordinary vehicles cannot be moved easily can be replaced by our six leg mechanical spider. Heavy loads can be easily transported if we made this as a giant one. It has got further application for the study of linkage mechanism and kinematic motions. The geometry and conditions can be changed according to application needs. It can travel in rough surfaces very easily, so dis machine can be used in rough surfaces were ordinary moving machine cannot travel.


  • Construction expense is low.
  • Heavy load can be carried.
  • It can be run in rough surfaces
  • Easy to control Maintenance is less


  • Speed is minimum due to load.
  • Not smooth running.
  • High powered motor is needed.


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    1. you need some metal plates (weight less materials are preferred), 1 DC Motor, 3 sprockets, Chain & a motor controller

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